Voting FAQ’s

Voting FAQ’s

Voting FAQ’s

In our country, the time of elections can be quite confusing for the first time voters. There are many questions and queries about the voting process that need to be resolved. There are some basic voting FAQs which can be of help to the first timers. This is a very important thing and one  need to understand well before going ahead. Reading this should make the process much simpler to follow and you can go ahead in no time. So what are you waiting for. 

Where Do I Go To Vote?

Can I Vote Online?

Do NRIs Have A Voting Right?

What Are The Do's and Don't Of Voting?

What Is NOTA?

What Time Does The Polling Station Open?

What Is Form 6?

A. Where Do I Go To Vote?

Many people are unsure about where they have to cast a vote. All voters are registered at a particular constituency. This is decided by their permanent residential address at the time of the vote. Each constituency has areas where the polling booths are set up. These will be told to the voters as part of their confirmation of being on the list of voters. 

B. Can I Vote Online?

Currently, there is no system to vote online. However, the Election Commission is working upon the creation of a platform where it can be included. 

C. Do NRIs Have A Voting Right?

If an NRI is physically present on the Election Day, in their constituency, then they hold the right to vote. However, if they no longer hold an Indian citizenship, this right is revoked. 

D. What Are The Do's and Don't Of Voting?

The basic etiquettes for voting are to remain respectful of all candidates and voters, stay in a queue and follow the rules of the polling both. Do not take your mobile phone inside or have an argument with the polling officials about the same.

E. What Is NOTA?

If a voter does not wish to vote for any candidate, they can choose the NOTA or the None Of The Above option. A majority vote in favour of NOTA would effectively become the winner, allowing for a vacant seat in the office and a new round of elections to begin.

F.  What Time Does The Polling Station Open?

For most constituencies, the polling stations start functioning from 6 AM onwards. The polling process lasts for 12 hours, and citizens can cast their vote during this time. 

G. What Is Form 6?

Form 6 allows for applications to enroll in the electoral roll. This can be obtained online or at the office of the Chief Electoral Officer.


Written by Mohd, posted on 19/06/2016