Voting and Change

Voting and Change

How Does Voting Lead To Change In India?

Although the right to vote is granted to all citizens of India, many of them choose not to do it. The reason given by most is that they do not feel voting will bring any change. However, it is this thinking that leads to the problems faced by the country. There are many ways in which voting can help. Voting can change dimension of a country and it is something very unique. Everyone should try and do voting, in the current time people are very busy and at no point of time they are free and no one wants to go and vote especially people who are busy and take this as a day of holiday. Which is not the right thing to do. There are many people who can really enjoy freedom and get the right kind of work done by good people if the select right people.

Misuse of Vote


Each Vote Counts

1) Misuse of Vote :

If you choose not to vote, there are many others that will take advantage and misuse your vote. This done by furnishing an invalid copy of the voter ID card and using a fake photograph to show proof of identity. In this manner, unscrupulous parties are able to gain more votes and spread corruption. When you walk to a polling booth, any vote that may have been cast under your name, address or card will be cancelled out.

2) NOTA :

The None Of The Above option was introduced specifically to allow the people to reject the candidate. It is the same as not voting, but it also says that the fault here lies with the candidates. When NOTA becomes the majority option, the elections are held again with new candidates. By using this provision, voters can prevent corrupt or unqualified people from winning.

3) Each Vote Counts

Favoured candidates tend to lose out on elections simply because people do not show up to vote for them. Far too many people believe that somebody else will definitely vote due to the mass following. In that belief, thousands do not cast a vote and the qualified candidate does not win the election.

Ideally, citizens should try and vote in each election possible. They can vote for the best possible candidate or reject all of them. If you were wondering how does voting lead to change in India – then the answer is in front of you. 


Written by Mohd, posted on 19/06/2016