Importance of voting

Importance of voting

Importance of Voting

Voting is the vital element in democracy but sadly not everyone vote. Everyone is not aware of the fact that how voting provides positive benefits to the community. 

Voting matters a lot both to the better health of political health and the people who get themselves involved in it. Public who votes has a very strong impact on the government to be formed and the public policies. People should be aware of the fact that if they will conduct their vote, they will be provided with positive health and social factors.

The facility to vote gives citizens chances to speak about their opinion and choices on various issues. There are thousands of individuals who are been provided with right to vote and yet they do not vote. They think their vote doesn’t count. They should know every vote matters.

A better opportunity is been given to voters to influence the government only if they vote. Everyone should be aware of that voting is a fundamental right of constitution provided to them. Yet they don’t make a wise use of it. Instead of misusing this right, It is better to make effective use of it.

Let me list out some points why voting is must: -

  1. Way of making change: - Voting is mostly associated with making a change. If you think that the ruling government is not performing properly and you are not satisfied, you have the power to change it and that power is vote.
  2. Every vote is counted: - Some people might think that their vote does not count but let me know you that every vote counts and even a single vote can make a big difference.
  3. Gives power to decide the ruling party: - If you have any sort of objections against the ruling party, you can change it. You can simply conduct your vote.

As defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Voting means- “An expression of opinion and preference.” So, it’s clear that voting provides us opportunity to decide our government and can express our opinions towards them.

OurPolitician.com strong belief that everyone should conduct their vote, so that they do have their own choice and opinion. But it’s really a matter of sadness that only half of people conduct their vote, especially in India. Just ask yourself, you want every type of facility and benefits from your ruling party and you do not vote. Is this really a democracy?

Many people will argue for this because we still have elections and president runs the country. But just look in the fact that is ruling party provides benefit to everyone? Remember who don’t vote, their voice is never heard and if everyone’s voice is not heard, it cannot be called democracy.

What forces me to write this article is the fact that most of the people who don’t vote are young and young generation is further called the building-blocks of a country. But do you think that without performing their duty, they will be able to build a country properly. The answer is No.

Everyone should vote. We should utilize the opportunity being given to them.

By putting this article forward, weI want to aware everyone with the fact that voters literally have the country’s future in their hands. We urge people who are reading this article to understand that voting is a big part of democracy and everyone should make effective use of this right.