EVM vs Paper Ballot

EVM vs Paper Ballot

Electronic Voting Machine vs Paper Ballot

The involvement of technology increases each year in our lives. In India, the time of elections is often lauded as an effort in bringing technology to the masses. From the time of the paper ballots, we have moved on to Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs. There are a number of benefits to be had in using the Electronic Voting Machine vs Paper Ballot. 

As is with any technology, it is not easy to provide the EVM to each corner and constituency of India. The logistical effort is considered to a mammoth attempt and takes shape months in advance. Of course, there are problems that occur with the EVMs at the time of transportation and movement. However, they are still considered to be more reliable than a paper ballot. 

The EVMs calculate the vote automatically. All it requires is pressing a button and waiting till the light flashes. It is much faster, counts the votes automatically and the chances of losing a vote are quite low. The Electronic Voting Machines are environment friendly, since they do not require the waste of paper. Changing the vote by adding extra votes is not as simple as adding extra paper ballots. They are definitely the future of voting in the world.

However, there are some uses for the paper ballot that are not likely to fall out of fashion. In the case of postal voting, the balance in Electronic Voting Machine vs Paper Ballot. Paper ballots are far more likely to be utilized in villages and outposts where electricity is hard to come by and voting must be completed on time. They are also susceptible to failure when transported over long distances.

It is currently not possible to fully disregard the paper ballot in favour of the electronic voting machine. Both exist together and provide a balance to the Indian Elections.


Written by Mohd, Posted on 19/06/2016